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Blackhall Nursery is very proud of its achievements since registering with Eco Schools Scotland - first both Bronze and Silver awards in 2008, followed by a hard earned Green Flag in June 2009, a second Green Flag in May 2011, a third Green Flag in May 2013 ....... and now our eighth Green Flag in August 2021.   However it doesn't stop there, and we will continue with our Eco work, adding new topics each year.  

The staff and children like to sing our  Blackhall Nursery Eco Song which reflects some of the things we do in Nursery, such as recycling, composting and growing our own plants.

Spring time

In spring we have lots to do to get our garden looking lovely after the cold weather of winter and the children learn more about compost awareness, biodiversity, healthy eating and keeping fit.

Summer and Autumn

The children enjoy harvesting the fruits of their labours and at snack time they have the chance to eat some of the fruit and vegetables which have been grown in the garden.   

The parents and member of staff on the Eco Committee meet regularly to plan activities throughout the year.  The work that goes on is celebrated on the Eco Noticeboard at Nursery and in the Eco Folder, with pictures of all the different activities that the children have taken part in.