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Drop-Off and Pick-Up

We would be grateful if parents/carers could be prompt for drop-off and pick-up.   If you are delayed for any reason, please contact the Nursery on 332 8296 to let staff and your child know.

The hours are:

Morning class

  08.35 - 11.45

Afternoon class

  12.25- 15.35


It is important to notify staff in advance if anyone other than your child's Nominated Parent/Carer is collecting him/her.


We ask parents/carers to wait in the garden area until the start and end of each session.  (Please note that you are responsible for your children in the outdoor area at these times.)

Why not take the opportunity to look at the "Our day at Nursery" board in the office window outlining some of the activities on offer each day, and the snack choice and the book/song of the day?  

There is also a general notice board outside the entrance door and a parent noticeboard in the cloakroom area main Nursery room with regularly updated information including the Weekly Plan which details the curriculum planned for the week.

Exceptional circumstances

In the unlikely event that the Nursery is unable to open, Forth One (97.3FM) will be asked to broadcast details of the closure as soon as possible.   An e-mail will also be sent to parents to advise them of the closure and staff will attempt to contact the parents/carers of the afternoon class if also affected.