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Blackhall Nursery aims to create a caring, sharing and secure environment in which the emotional, social and moral development of the child can flourish. 

Children are encouraged to learn in a supportive and positive atmosphere. 

Learning involves education in the broadest sense - learning through play, social skills and  greater independence.  

Promoting Positive Behaviour policy

Our Policy supports this, and staff will:

  • Encourage children to observe simple rules of behaviour
  • Offer praise whenever children observe these rules
  • Model good manners themselves and praise the children for good manners
  • Promote the Nursery's Golden Rules
  • Use Circle Time to promote good behaviour - listening to other people and taking it in turns to speak

The Promoting Positive Behaviour policy can be read in full in the Nursery or you can request a copy.  

The Golden Rules

Remember to: 

  •        ... be a good listener 
  •        ... use your Nursery voice and say kind words
  •        ... have kind hands and kind feet 
  •        ... walk when you are indoors         
  •        ... look after the Nursery toys and books  
  •        ... help keep the Nursery tidy