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Day to Day

What happens on a typical day at Nursery?

On Arrival

Children arrive, hang up their coat on their own special peg, change into their indoor shoes and say goodbye to their parent/carer.

Getting Started

We then move into the main room to choose an activity while we wait for everyone to arrive.  Activities on offer might include painting, junk modelling at the the gluing table, stories in the story corner, construction toys, dressing up and role play in the house corner, jigsaws, drawing at the writing table, puzzles and games at the number table, playdough, sand or water tray, computers.


As part of our Healthy Early Years initiative and the Scottish Government's Childsmile programme, the children will dry brush their teeth each session using a toothbrush supplied through the Nursery.  

Calendar Time

We fill in the register, chat about the day, month, date and the weather and put all this information on our daily board, then sing our 'Days of the Week' song.   

The Day's Activity

We discuss what we are going to do at nursery today and the children then have fun choosing where they would like to play or join in with an organised group activity.   This might include Circle Time, baking, crafts, music time, library, Show & Tell, a walk in the park or woods, music & movement, gardening etc.   We also take every opportunity to get outside and play in the nursery garden.

Snack Time


The children choose when they would like to go for snack during the session.

Tidy Up Time

We all help to tidy away the toys together towards the end of the session.

Story Time 

We gather in the story corner for a story and a sing song before parents/carers arrive to collect everyone.