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Absence and Illness

If your child is going to be absent for any reason, please tell the Nursery in advance or at the start of a class as any unnotified absence will trigger the Child Absence Policy. The Nursery telephone number is: 0131 332 8296

You may phone at any time of the day or night and leave a message on the answering machine.alt  The Child Absence policy requires the Nursery Manager or your child's key worker to try to contact you by telephone immediately after registration via the Emergency Contact numbers you have provided.

If staff members are unable to contact a parent, they will immediately move on to the other telephone numbers on your child's Emergency Contact list, so please advise the other people on your child's Emergency Contact list of this procedure.

The Child Absence and other Nursery policies may be read in full in the Parents' Section of the website.

N.B. If the Nursery is unable to establish a child's whereabouts, despite their best endeavours, the Child Protection Policy will be implemented by the Nursery Manager, in line with City of Edinburgh Council practice.


Please keep children with any form of sickness, fever or diarrhoea away from Nursery for 48 hours after their last episode.    

If in doubt, you may phone the Nursery for advice as staff have guidelines covering most infectious diseases. 

Also, please inform staff in confidence of any infectious diseases or of the presence of head lice as soon as possible so that a general message can go out to parents advising them to be vigilant. 

Allergies, special dietary requirements or food intolerance

Information about allergies, special dietary requirements or food intolerances should be included on the Health/Emergency Contacts form sent out with the Welcome pack so that Nursery staff can accommodate any requirements.

Administration of medication

Please ensure that any medical needs are discussed as soon as possible with the Nursery Manager and detailed on your child's forms. Written parental consent is needed in order for staff to administer medication and any medication given will be recorded.