Severe Weather

Severe Weather, Travel Disruption and Exceptional Circumstances Policy (extract)


The Nursery has a detailed policy for Severe Weather, Travel Disruption and Exceptional Circumstances which was drawn up in response to recent exceptional weather events.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that there will no repeat this year!   However we would like to reassure you that if similar weather (or other exceptional circumstances) should arise, we are well prepared and will respond as quickly as possible to keep you informed of whether the Nursery is able to remain open. 


The procedure is as follows:

  • Any decision to close the Nursery will normally be taken by the Nursery Manager (or deputy) in consultation with the Chair of the Board or designated board member.
  • If the City of Edinburgh Council issues a blanket closure for all primary schools and nurseries in Edinburgh, Blackhall Nursery will most likely follow suit.  Where individual schools and nurseries are closed, the Nursery Manager, in consultation with the Chair of the Board (or designated board member) will decide whether Blackhall Nursery should close.  Any such decision will take account of staffing, health, and safety issues.
  • If a decision is taken before the start of the session to close the Nursery, we will advise Forth One (97.3FM) and ask them to broadcast details of the closure. 
  • If a decision is taken to close the Nursery during a session:
    • Staff will send a group text alert to the parent/carer on the phone list and will also phone parents/carers or emergency contacts as appropriate to request that children are collected as soon as possible.
    • An update will be posted on the Nursery’s website via the Home Page
    • Once it is known when the Nursery will re-open, the information will be posted via the Home Page of the website and a group text alert will be sent to parents/carers.